3D Laser Scan Processing & Modeling

3D scanning is an asset to the building and architectural industry, a boon that rapidly, accurately and economically renders data and its subsequent conversion. Models are viewed in virtual environments (Light Detection And Ranging) to create accurate 3D terrains



BIM has provided profound benefits to the engineering, construction and architectural industry. A revolution of sorts has changed the entire working of their projects with the initiation of BIM. A project can be envisaged, corrected, managed and spatially established before brick and mortar enter the picture



TriGeo designs, develops and implements geospatial databases that satisfy operational needs, detailed GIS mapping analysis using integrated geospatial technologies. These solutions are built using industry standard development platforms.



This is a mapping technique that helps to calculate precisely geospatial locations of terrestrial elements as well as man-made structures.
TriGeo has a special team whose key strength is providing services using LIDAR applications



TriGeo delivers high quality engineering solutions to leaders in the oil and gas, process, nuclear, chemical and water/ wastewater industries.
We offer multidisciplinary engineering support services including 3D modeling, as-builts, clash checks, model conversion, data conversion.