TriGeo designs, develops and implements geospatial databases that satisfy operational needs, detailed GIS mapping analysis using integrated geospatial technologies. These solutions are built using industry standard development platforms.

Geospatial services offered in following areas:

  • Utility Mapping
  • Telecom, Gas, Electrical, Water, Storm, Sewer Systems
  • Cadastral Mapping
  • TriGeo has created approximately 7 Million parcels across various states in USA through COGO, Semi- COGO or Heads-up Digitization process.
  • Street Navigation
  • Creation of Street Network from Satellite or Aerial Imagery
    Adding Street Names, Addresses
    Adding Non-Navigational content
    Creating POI with all details
  • Cartography
  • Digital Mapping
    Trial Maps, Bike Maps
    Paper Maps
  • Mobile and Desktop GIS Applications