3D Laser Scan Modeling

3D scanning is an asset to the building and architectural industry, a boon that rapidly, accurately and economically renders data and its subsequent conversion. Models are viewed in virtual environments, thus providing valuable insights which are exploited by architects and contractors to solve potential problems that crop up between as-designed and as-built models. Sensitive areas like spiraling expenses, inaccessible sites and prolonged schedules are effectively dealt with. 3D ensures better coordination between various construction disciplines, better visualization and this leads to planned expenditure and in-depth analysis and correction of bottlenecks. Consequently, construction is monitored much in advance. Further the 3D scans are positioned in situ to allow for accurate first-time designs which mitigate rework.

A pioneer in 3D laser scanning TriGeo has made giant strides in the deployment of this technology. The accurate dimensional data that is delivered to our clients has led to quality simulation of assets, mitigation of cost overruns, elimination of risks, focusing on safety measures, and more significantly compressing schedules.

3D modeling services offered in following areas:

  • Scan-to-BIM
  • 3D As-built
  • Solid Model
  • Walk thru / Animation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Historical Archival